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Three Tips from Google to Navigate The Storms In Commercial Banking

Self-driving cars are the nirvana for many commuters in the United States. The concept of being able to drive without driving and focus entirely on something else, while you are being safely piloted to your destination, is the stuff of dreams. The great thing is that it is not too far in the future and has just a few hurdles to get over—and Google’s sister company focused on self-driving technology, Waymo, is making huge progress in this area.

Likewise, the concept of a fully digitized experience for commercial lending—where the application and underwriting are optimized and streamlined to only high value-added human insights, and the portfolio is scoured constantly looking for threats or even better opportunities—is here today. For most financial institutions, it will require just a few hurdles, mostly with culture and risk appetite, to overcome. So let’s take a few pointers from Google and Waymo and see how they are overcoming similar challenges and how you can apply those approaches to your digital process.

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Mike Horrocks

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With more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, Mike Horrocks possesses a unique and extensive blend of financial expertise, technology skills, process redesign abilities and solution management experience. Horrocks’ background enables him to create go-to-market strategies for new solutions, help clients convert strategies into revenue generating initiatives and forecast market direction.

As the Vice-President of Product Management at Baker Hill, Horrocks’ responsibilities include the identification and development of new market opportunities in the business of lending, risk management, and analytics for financial institutions. Mike holds a MBA both in International Finance and Venture Technology Management from Indiana University and a B.S in International Finance from Brigham Young University.

Before joining Baker Hill, he held executive positions within several other organizations, including Experian, Profit Technologies, SAIC, Broadway and Seymour (FIS), Zions First National Bank and Zions Data Corporation.

Horrocks is a member of many associations including the Risk Management Association and Bankers Without Borders. In his free time, he enjoys traveling internationally with his wife and five children.

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