Manage Portfolio Risk for a Happier New Year!

Posted on January 4, 2017 at 5:03 PM by Baker Hill

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You’ve navigated another year of challenging markets; congratulations! Now, how will you do even better in 2017? Hint: It involves portfolio risk management solutions. 

New Year’s Resolutions may be somewhat passé; but resolving to better manage portfolio risk is significantly easier than vowing to lose weight or to exercise more. Why? Because when it comes to managing risk, you have a partner that will do the heavy lifting for you.

Resolve to gain better insights on risk and relationships.

Baker Hill offers a proprietary business intelligence system that uses smart-data analytics to provide comprehensive assessments of where and how your accountholders, staff, products, pricing, and practices impact profitability. We do the analysis; you gain the insight.

Resolve to maximize every relationship.

We’ve developed a comprehensive business process designed to help financial institutions manage and enhance profitability. We integrate items across lines of business; you realize the total risk and opportunity of every relationship.

Resolve to increase revenue, reduce risk, and boost profitability.

Baker Hill’s origination platform streamlines business lending, and consumer direct and indirect lending. We bring the sophisticated business intelligence and analytics; you understand profitability and risk at every level. Together we monitor and maintain a healthy financial portfolio.

Let us do the heavy lifting in 2017.


New years bring new opportunities. New opportunities bring new risks. You can’t manage one without managing the other and still thrive. Master profit and risk with Baker Hill’s sophisticated business intelligence and analytics. We do more than help—we make it possible. This year:
  • Employ efficient and error-free predictive analytics
  • Understand your profit and risk at every level
  • Manage and enhance profitability by integrating items across lines of business
  • Never miss a loan opportunity

 You have the data. We have the tools, the technology, the research, and the analysis to make your data organized, comprehensive, and useful. And we have the team of professionals to put your data to work, and guide you through that data and the market’s risks and rewards—all to minimize the downside and maximize your potential.

Do better in 2017. With Baker Hill at your side, you can have a more profitable and rewarding year (and you’ll even have time to focus on getting to the gym.)

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Baker Hill empowers progressive financial institutions to increase revenue, reduce risk, and drive more profitable relationships. Streamline business, consumer direct and indirect lending with our common origination platform. Understand profitability and risk at every level with our sophisticated business intelligence and analytics. Monitor and maintain a healthy financial portfolio with our statement analysis, exception, and risk management solutions. Explore our solutions below for more information on how to generate sustainable growth, minimize risk and increase profitability.

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